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Cap and Trade Magic

Do you remember David Copperfield, the magician? He was something else wasn’t he?  I was always amazed at the stuff he could do. I’ve seen him cut women in half, and then put them back together again. One time, he even made the Statue of Liberty disappear, amazing! I thought he was the coolest guy in the world when I was a kid.

But when I got older, I saw another David, David Blaine. And while David Copperfield was really cool, David Blaine was unbelievable! I’ve seen him levitate, make a card disappear and then be inside someone’s shoe, I’ve seen him take his arm and literally twist all the way around! As a young man his work would leave me feeling a wide range of emotions from fear, to wonder. The reason for this profound affect on me was because I thought what he was doing might actually be real.

But as I’ve gotten a little older, I realize how he was able to do it; misdirection. It’s how all of the great magicians have been able to trick us through the years. They get us to look to the right, and when we look back we say, “What happened to the Statue of Liberty? It was right there when I looked away?”

As good as men like Copperfield and Blaine are, they don’t hold a candle to the media in this country. I doubt there is a single person living in the world who doesn’t know that Michael Jackson has recently passed away. We would be hard pressed to find anyone who couldn’t tell you details that have come out about the man’s children (they’re not his) or his will, or his wife, or whatever. All the media, even Fox, has inundated us with nonstop MJ gyrations, and all this while the biggest news story of the year go almost completely uncovered.

I wonder how many people know about “cap and trade?” You know that tiny little bill the House of Representatives passed on Friday? You know the one that will nearly double everybody’s utility bill? And surely you know that if the senate passes this bill it will allow the government, and not you, to set how much electricity you’re allowed to use, and tax you even more if you go over the allotted amount? The same bill that if passed, will cause America to lose millions more jobs before this recession is over? Surely you heard of it, right? No? No, many people haven’t heard of it because the media is too obsessed with a singer who died named Michael Jackson. (And yes, that’s all he was, a singer, not a god.)

Here’s the HardTruth.

Our media truly disgusts me. The media was established in our country to hold our government accountable, but where’s the accountability? There is none. And as long as we have democrats running Washington there’s not going to be any, ever. Our country needs to wake up or one of these days we’re going to look right, and when we look back we’re going to say, “What happened to my freedom?  It was right here when I looked away?” And that’s the HardTruth.

But what do you think?  Is the media covering these stories correctly? Please share your thoughts.

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