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Can Good be Scientifically Verified?

Assumptions. Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions. Assumptions are flying around this blog like crazy. Assumptions here, assumptions there, Assumptions everywhere. Watch your step, that first assumption is a doozy! Ok, I'll stop, but I will say I'm amazed at how many fact-only atheists operate their lives under scores of assumptions.

Allow me to illustrate.

In my previous post, I shared a story about a serious financial issue that I was facing, and how God provided for my needs. Yes, God. I assume God provided because I believe in God and I love God. I love God because He loves me. I know He loves me because He sent His Son Jesus to die for me. Therefore, I know that God provided for me.  And how do I know these things?  Well, because God revealed them to me, but in the literal sense, it began with my assumption that God exists.

Atheists of course, think this is either crazy, sad, unfortunate, lame or something in between. While they are happy that I was helped out, they think it silly to believe God had anything to do with it. I've heard several comments like this one, posted by Chris;

But i fail to see how that is miraculous. Most people like to help people in need, especially if they know and like/love them.

While I make assumptions about God, Chris, and many other atheists make assumptions about people.  Atheists assume that most people are good.  They assume that most people will help other people if they know the person is in need.

If I heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times from an atheist, "There is no verifiable proof of God."  Believe it or not, I agree.  There is absolutely no scientific proof of God, although I do believe that a truly rational mind will believe in God because it makes more sense if our world has a Creator, but I digress.  While there is no scientific proof of God, there is an equal amount of scientific proof which shows mankind is basically good.

With all the atrocities that have been committed by mankind down through the years, someone is actually going to tell me people are good?  Where is the proof?  I know that some people do good things, but to make such a general statement like the one Chris made is just completely baseless.

Are our prisons over-crowded because people are good?  What about all the child-abusers, wife-beaters, and racists?  Are these people good?  Let me give you some evidence that supports my claim.

  1. According to http://childhelp.org there are 3,000,000 reports of child abuse in America every year.
  2. According to http://family.jrank.org over twenty percent of all women are abused by their spouse.
  3. The numbers and web pages would take to much time to read so I'll just tell you that crime in general, is up in nearly every major city.

So, where is the proof that people are good?  Where is the testing, or verified evidence?  There isn't any.  My reason for outlining this is because I am so quickly dismissed when I say that God was the reason my financial situation worked out, because I have no scientific proof.  However, atheists will assert this was just the basic good in people on display, but how do they know that?

Do you see how this logic falls apart?  If a person were to truly live by the code of "Proof, proof, where's my proof?!" How could we ever accept anything?  The truth is we all have things that we just believe in because we choose to believe them. 

Atheists believe people are generally good, I don't.  I believe the exact opposite.  The only reason anyone EVER does anything good is because God places that good in their heart and motivates them to do it.  Where is my scientific proof?  I don't have any.  But atheists have no proof that people are good either, and a rational atheist would admit that.

Here's the HardTruth.

People aren't good, they're bad, very bad.  Our world is filled to the brim with murderers, thieves, rapists, and anything else we can think of.  Are there good people as well?  Yea, but when we consider how bad many people there are, we have to ask what makes others not as bad?  If we believe that all men are equal, which I'm sure we would all agree with, what is the "change agent" which makes the good people good?  Well, I believe, excuse me, I KNOW it's God.  God is the one who motivates us to do good.  God is the one who changes the heart of those that hate.  And God is one who can convince the atheists out there that He does exist, and that's the HardTruth.


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