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Obama Needs Atheists, America Does Not

I want to take a few minutes today to let Christians know what is happening on many college campuses across the country. Atheist groups, like the Secular Student Alliance, the group that brought PZ Myers to the Creation Museum are growing in strength. The Secular Student Alliance is a group that encourages college students to start atheists groups, and are no doubt looking to infest every college campus with their belief system. Their about page says this:

The Secular Student Alliance (SSA) is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit whose purpose is to educate high school and college students around the country about the value of scientific reason and the intellectual basis of secularism in its atheistic and humanistic manifestations.

So as we can see they have a very simple goal; create as many high school and college atheism churches (excuse me, groups) as possible in order to close their mind to any thing that is Biblically based. (excuse me again, I mean anything that doesn't worship, or well, really, really like science. A lot)

But we know there is nothing that can be done about church affiliations (Oops, I meant group affiliations) like this one, after all, we do believe in free speech. But it's one thing to have freedom, it's a whole different matter entirely when churches (groups) like these are given special treatment by the White House.

Oh yeah, The President of the United States seems to think that these kinds of groups are so valuable, that members of his administration have contacted the Secular Student Alliance in hopes of well, "getting more people involved."

Here is the excerpt where they mention the White House contacting them:

I recently had a one-on-one phone meeting with the associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs. He sought us out after learning about us via a meeting with the Secular Coalition for America. In specific, the White House has taken interest in the fact that secular students all over the country are getting organized. The White House is eager to see Secular Student Alliance affiliate groups play an active role in the push to get more Americans involved in public service. We will continue pursuing a relationship with the Obama administration -- and future administrations -- and make sure that they are aware of the amazing work that our student groups do.

You may be wondering what I talked about. I told them about our affiliate at the University of Illinois and how they have been traveling to New Orleans over the past two Spring Breaks, with a campus Christian group, to help restore and rebuild homes. I told them about our affiliate at The Ohio State University and how members helped clean up and improve a hiking trail in the Appalachian Mountains a few weeks ago. I told them about several other students who were making personal pushes to eradicate stigma about nontheism and let people know that you can be good without God.

Being directly in touch with the executive branch is an exciting development. As a founding member of the Secular Coalition for America, we have been working to let members of congress know about the concerns of secular students for years. We now have the ear of the White House.

Well isn't that special?  President Obama is interested in these groups, and believes they can help him with his agenda.  Hmm.  I wonder why our president doesn't reach out to Christian campus groups?  Wouldn't you think there are more Christian groups than atheist groups?  So why use atheist groups?

I think it is safe to say that Obama's agenda probably isn't what us Bible believers would want, so he is reaching out to his base of support; the Godless.  It once again goes to show you just how much danger we are in while this man is our president.

Here's the HardTruth.

Christians, we have got to stop ignoring what is happening on the internet and on college and even high school campuses.  It's time that Christians grow a spine and stop worrying about what these people think.  We now have a President who is reaching out to atheist groups when they aren't the ones that built this country, Christians did.  When we were actually a Christian nation we weren't in this kind of shape.  But our nation has turned its back on God, and now we're in a mess.  But instead of turning back to God, we turn to the Godless, who possess no concrete moral standard, and expect them to solve our problems.  Give me a break.  Christians, we are the reason America was great, and we are the only way it can become great again.  We need to stop being silent.  We need to let this government know that we will not be ignored anymore, while he panders to atheists, and that's the HardTruth.

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