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HardTruth is Now an Almost Atheist Free Zone

Well, I was hoping that when I changed the rules for comments and set my blog up to where only those with membership accounts could comment, that a lot of the militant atheists would go elsewhere. I was wrong. They continue to come here and try to hijack our discussions, something atheist blogs frown on with much disdain, and basically just try to be a thorn in the side of anyone who comes here and is a Christian. I've decided that needs to stop. It's time to make this an almost "atheist free zone."

Please allow me to explain why:

When I started this blog, I wanted to show non-Christians that truly rational thought is one that understands that we have an all-powerful, loving God who created us in His image, and sustains the world we live in. And while this obviously is the truth, a large segment of atheists that spend time on line are either unwilling or unable to see the rationale and logic behind such thinking.

The more I worked on this blog, the more I learned about logic. Logic can be used as a tool if you're dealing with people who think the same as you, or share your world view, but it's completely useless with those who don't. There have been many times when I felt that I was able to construct a concrete logical argument that couldn't be argued, only to have the very first atheist commenter attempt to rip it to shreds. And conversely, many atheists have responded to my posts with what they felt were solid, logical arguments that I was able to rip to shreds. Many times this resulted in them calling me a liar because they felt so strongly about the argument they had presented, that they felt it would be impossible for anyone to actually disagree with it.

So the more I looked at and listened to logical arguments the more I began to understand the premise of all logical arguments; it's the word "if." They always begin with, "Well, IF this could happen, then "x", "y", or "z" must happen." The problem is, what IF the "IF" didn't happen? The whole argument crumbles to the ground.

And just the other day I was watching a video made by atheists who were at the Creation Museum. They were taping a conversation between Jason Lisle, who gave a talk at the Creation Museum that day, and wrote the book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation, and he was able to put into words the realization that I had been coming to. He made the statement, "All logic is circular by necessity." This was my "aha" moment. I could now articulate what had been going on in my mind over the past couple of weeks.

Because logic has no foundation to speak of, the only way for it to work is IF it goes in a circle. The only problem is that circular reasoning is ALWAYS a waste of time. In my opinion, for logic to work, it must have a foundation, and must from there move vertically.

This is why Biblically based logic and rationality will always work. It begins with God. It has a foundation that cannot be shaken. And before I get into that, let me explain how ridiculously simple the atheist logic is, when it comes to God. Atheists often say, "Well, if God created the universe, than who created God?" They actually believe this logic is sound enough to dismantle the argument that God created everything. But let me share with you a quote I found at EveryStudent.com, made by Aristotle:

there must be a reality that causes but is itself uncaused (or, a being that moves but is itself unmoved). Why? Because if there is an infinite regression of causes, then by definition the whole process could never begin.

Do you see what I'm saying?  It's all circular.  If God was created, then someone had to create who created God, etc, etc, etc.  And if that logic were true, nothing would exist.

But when our reasoning begins with God's Word, our thinking and our logic move vertically.  The more we know about the Bible, the more we understand about God, and by extension the more we will understand about the world we live in.  And as any Bible student knows, we will eventually get to the point where we cease to be able to understand, but we know that God possesses all knowledge and will increase our abilities to think and reason Biblically as He sees fit.

But atheists don't see the Bible as a foundation.  They see it as a great piece of old literature and that's about it.  With that in mind, what do atheists and people like myself really have to talk about?  Honestly, not much.

As the readers on this blog know, I didn't always feel that way, which is why I went on Pharyngula.  I thought it would be fun to debate a little bit with atheists, and that it would be interesting to hear what their arguments are.  This was also why I wanted to talk to PZ Myers at the Creation Museum, I just thought it would be interesting to hear his take on Creation, and why he disagreed.  As we all know, I made a few comments, which always resulted in vicious name-calling and character attacks, so I quit commenting until I saw the article where PZ was communicating with a 15 year-old Christian girl, and his minions were trying to convince her to throw away her belief in God. 

I felt the girl needed to know that PZ, and many of those who comment on that site are vile God-haters, and the only reason they were being nice to her is because they thought they could convince her to turn her back on God.  Which reminds me, isn't that how someone else convinced Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden?  Anyway, I just encouraged her to go to a Christian forum site, and to talk to people who care about her, rather than the Pharyngulites.  This got me banned from there, and pretty much hated by most atheists in the online community.

Which is why most of the atheists are here.  Because they either hate God, and what His followers stand for.  This is something they have every right to do, but not here.  That is why there will be no more atheists allowed to comment on here with two exceptions.  Curious as a Chimp, and Nigel the Bold.  These are the only two atheists that have come on here and consistently been nice people.  Do they disagree with me wholeheartedly? Yes.  But have they ever been jerks about it?  Not that I know of.  It remains to be seen whether they will still want to comment on here, but as far as I'm concerned they are welcome to as long as things stay the way they are.

Here's the HardTruth.

I want this to be a place where Christians can read about and discuss the adverse affects of atheism on our culture, without having to get attacked immediately by several hateful atheists.  From now on if you want to comment, you can, but it will have to be approved before it is public.  If you're a Christian and you leave your email, I will make an account for you so that your comments will immediately be made public.  I know there will be many that don't like these changes, but they are necessary if I want to be able to be anything more than a referee. 

I also know this will drastically lower the amount of comments on this blog, and that's fine.  Most Christian blogs don't have a lot of people who comment, they do however, have a lot of readers, and I'm thankful the readership has grown to what it has by the grace of God.  Christians, and my two atheist friends, I look forward to hearing what you have to say, but if you don't comment, I hope you continue to appreciate the work that goes into this site, and please pray for me as I continue to try to educate Christians on harm that atheism is doing to all of us.  God is good, and tha's the HardTruth.


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