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Tales From the Pharyngula Crypt

Recently I’ve been turned on to PZ Myers blog, Pharyngula.PZ Myers is an anti-Christian scientist who is very well known in the far-left, anti-God, worship-science circles. And even though I disagree with everything the man stands for, I enjoyed reading his blog, and talking with those who comment. This might seem strange to fellow Christians, but I’ve always been fascinated by atheists, and I was having a good time mixing it up with them, for a little while.

But the more I would try to discuss various topics with them, the more insane it became. And since atheists are always screaming about proof, allow me to show you some of the insanity.

Here are a few of my comments, and the replies from the . . .let's call them the Pharyngulites.

This is the first comment in response to PZ's article about a book written by Jeff Sharlett, which is called The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. It's basically about an evil group of people who claim to be Christians. They believe those in power can do whatever evil act they want because if they're in power, it means God put them there. And if God put them there, then it must be okay for them to commit genocide or whatever other terrible act you can think of.

Here is what I said:

PZ, before I make my points it's worth noting that I'm a baptist preacher.

A couple things:

1.) It is good to know you don't approve of Maher's lunacy. Even though I am entertained by him, he seems nuts.

2.) This just goes to show you there are evil people who claim to love God. But why is this so shocking? After all, claiming to know or love God doesn't in any way mean you actually do. Ken Ham claims to be a scientist, and to me he is, but I know that you as well as most of your readers don't think so. With that said, would it be fair if people wanted to lump you in with Ham, whose science they believe is a farce, and say that all scientists must be that way? I don't think you would like that very much, and as a Christian, I can tell you, people like the ones referred to in this video have nothing to do with me or God, so please, don't lump all Christians in with these nutjobs.

Seems simple enough, right? Check out a few of the responses that came from these rational, deep thinkers.

Someone who calls his/herself Afterthought said this;

How is one to tell who really has the line to god? I know the answer is that no one does since there isn't one, but how do you claim authority over who gets to have anything to do with your god? Is it because you get to make up your own little god in your head?

This is of course, an absurd response to what I said, so I simply replied with this;


Was my comment hateful? And if He's "my God" don't I get every claim of authority I want? Your logic is faulty.

Obviously I was just messing around with this person, but was this a wise move, I'll let you be the judge, checkout this immediate reply from Nerd from Redhead,OM. (Yes, that is what the person calls his/herself.)

Well, if you can't show physical evidence for your imaginary deity, we just consider you a delusional fool. That is the problem with god, he doesn't exist.

Hmm, things were definitely getting weird at this point, but there also had been a couple of very thoughtful responses, which gave me hope that a real conversation could be had.

But then, after I made one other comment, I did the unthinkable, I questioned the verification processes that scientists use. Gasp! Here is what I said:

I'm going to get off here, I never meant to hijack the topic. But I'll just close with a question; who came up with the rules for scientific study? Who decided how theories were tested and verified? Seriously, who got to decide how scientists have to arrive at their conclusions?
It sounds arbitrary to me.

Night all.

I know, I know, that was a terrible thing for me to say, right? No? Well the Pharyngulites sure did. Check this out:

Rick R. said:

"It sounds arbitrary to me."

Said with absolutely no trace of irony by a man typing his thoughts on a computer, a product of "arbitrary" science.

Good night, indeed.

Yea, the irony there is unbelievable! I think some of it dripped on my fingers. But seriously, did I say science was arbitrary?

Insightful Ape (I'm not making these names up) said this:

Tom Ridiculous, to answer your question: science is valid because it WORKS. Airplanes fly. Antibiotics kill germs. And you get to vomit your bile over the internet. It was created by the scientist whose acts look "arbitrary" to you, remember?
Now on to your Sunday sermon. Did your car start this morning?

Here again we see someone who doesn't understand the difference between science, and how scientific theories are verified. Interesting considering the Pharyngulites claim to be the experts on such matters. And don't you love their name calling?

Here is a random post by charley:

I don't see much hope for educating someone like Tom Estes who has managed to remain so ignorant of science into adulthood. I'd settle for having people like him just STFU about science in their churches.

I have all the respect for pastors like him as I would for a lifeguard who taught kids to swim by strapping concrete blocks to them and throwing them off a boat.

Don't you love the "free thought" these pharyngulites embrace? Me too.

I'll share an excerpt from one more comment that I made:

What exactly did I say that was mean? Several posters said that I was being hateful, and that makes no sense to me. All I'm doing, and I think this is allowed, is challenging what you all think, just like you challenge what I think. Usually when someone says, "You're mean" it's because their arguments are weak.

As to my last comment, are you telling me that some of you thought I was talking about science? Surely not. I was talking about the verification process. And what I want to know, is who decided how that works? Who got to be the one to say, "Ok, a scientific theory isn't valid until "x", "y", or "z" happen."? And that part of the equation appears to be arbitrary.

Let me put it another way; I believe God created the universe. (I know, big surprise) And I believe that God is the Lawgiver. He is the one who decides what the facts are.

I know that none of you agree with my logic, so don't waste my time asking me questions like, "Yea, but how can you test and prove what God's laws are?" Whatever, I've heard it all before, and you and I both know you won't like my answers. I want to know about you. Who decided that someone had to have peer reviewed studies before they were credible? Who decided how many times a theory had to be tested? That is the part that seems arbitrary, not science itself, and to be honest, I can't believe I had to clarify that.

I think I'm going to go put a football helmet on, because I'm expecting to get pounded.

This was all the Pharyngulites could bear. After gritting their teeth at me, they ran upon me with one accord, with stones in hand. These comments are amazing.

Insightful Ape said:

Hey Tom the Ridiculous,
I am positive you are not interested in learning something, because this wouldn't be the place. On the off chance that you may be (concerning natural sciences), you can start by looking at statistics; power of study, sample size, types of errors, etc. You can find all the answers there.
Not that any of that matters to you. You "know" that god is the lawgiver (the suicide pilots of 9/11 couldn't agree more, by the way, the just thought he had said different things that you do), and as such, if the evidence can't be shoehorned to fit your scripture, then something is wrong with the evidence. None of which, of course, stops you from enjoying the benefits that are driven from collecting the evidence and going with it (a.k.a, "science"), from cars, to cellphones, to the internet.
Here is a suggestion. Why don't you thumb through your Good Book and read what it says about the Pharisees. Then take a good look in the mirror-you are looking at one.

Wow, you question atheists and what do they do? They say you're the equivalent of those who took down the twin towers or those who had Jesus crucified.

Nerd of Redhead, OM said:

What a crock of s#$@. Scientists decide what is and isn't science. Not your imaginary deity. You can't even show physical evidence for your imaginary deity that will pass muster with scientists, magicians, and professional debunkers, as being of divine, and not natural, origin. So you have nothing but the delusions between your ears. Your belief is irrelevant to the facts. And you don't get to decide the facts since you are a delusional fool.

And how can I argue with that logic?  Scientists decide what is and isn't science, duh!  I can't believe I missed that. Oh wait, I know why, because I'm a delusional fool!

Here's the HardTruth.

Many, not all, but many of the people on this site are insane.  There were a few who seem like genuinely kind people, who I would love to sit down and have a conversation with, but the crazies make it impossible.  I still plan to read PZ's blog, but I won't be making any more comments.  One thing the experience has taught me is the atheists that come on here are pretty decent people.  I appreciate their willingness to discuss the topics on here in a civil manner, and look forward to more debate in the future. 



If the Pharyngulites come with PZ to the Creation Museum, that trip will be D.O.A.

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