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Atheists Are LYING Again

Notice that I didn't say that atheists are wrong again. I said they are lying because they are not simply misled, as I believe them to be, but instead many in the atheist blogosphere are going out of their way to mislead, or LIE. And quite frankly, I'm fed up with it. It's gotten completely out of control, and the reason for this is because if a Christian dare stand up and say anything that is anti-atheist, or pro-morality, the goon squad, led by PZ, Dawkins, and any other "friendly atheists" out there go on the offensive, with character assassinations that are built on LIES.

Enter Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute. To give you a little insight into IFI, let me share part of the opening paragraph on there about page.

The Illinois Family Institute (IFI) is an independent 501c(3) non-profit ministry dedicated to upholding and re-affirming marriage, family, life and liberty in Illinois. Since 1992, IFI has worked to advance public policy initiatives consistent with Judeo-Christian teachings and traditions, educating citizens so that they can better influence their local communities and the state.

Well, with such imflammatory language as that, it's no wonder atheists want to bring them down, right?

But getting back to Mrs. Higgins, she writes on a website called Opposing Views. And in April she wrote a blog condemning Dr. Warren Throckmorton's Day of Silence. What Dr. Throckmorton basically proposed was on April 17th of this year, that college and high school students keep quiet in protest of the bullying of gays and transvestites. One of the tools he used to encourage students to do this was by passing out a paper that had the Golden Rule written on it. The Golden Rule is found in the Bible, and says this:

Matthew 7:12
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

He's attempting to use the Bible to encourage kids to stop bullying gays and transvestites in a public school setting. Which means that it's perfectly fine to inject religion into the classroom if it's used to support the agenda of secular humanism, right? But I digress.

Well, Mrs. Higgins has been getting her name drug through the mud ever since voicing her opposition to this supposed day of silence.

First of all, every sensible Christian will be opposed to this action because we know what is really going on; this is not a "leave gays and transvestites alone" type of protest, but a "you Christians aren't allowed to think homosexuality is wrong" type of protest. All Christians who are serious about living for God know that when the angry, atheist left tries to get us to be tolerant, the more they encourage intolerance toward us. And none of us have to take it, and none of us should.

She went on to give a very eloquent explanation of what it means to truly be judgmental, or not:

Dr. Throckmorton also raises the specter of "judgmentalism." Often homosexualists proclaim "Judge not lest ye be judged" as biblical justification for the position that Christians ought not to state publicly that homosexual behavior is immoral. But this verse means that we are not to engage in unrighteous judgment. We're not to hypocritically condemn the speck in the eye of others while ignoring the plank in our own. We're to recognize the universality of sin and offer forgiveness as we have been forgiven. This verse does not prohibit Christians from making distinctions between moral and immoral behaviors.

Exactly, pointing out what is wrong with our society is NOT being judgmental, just speaking the truth.

Mrs. Higgins also went on to explain that not only should homosexuals NOT be harassed, but no one who is guilty of committing sin should be persecuted by those of us who are Christians.

Those who self-identify as homosexual are no different from those of us who struggle with other sinful inclinations. All of us come to the cross as sinners, and none will be fully sanctified until Christ's return, but retreat from or obfuscation of what the Bible teaches about, for example, selfishness, greed, envy, pride, promiscuity, fornication, gossip, gluttony, or any other of the myriad manifestations of sin is simply not scriptural--and therefore not good. We don't want teens bullied for these or any other behaviors, and yet we likely wouldn't support days of classroom silence during which teachers and students show support for those who engage in these sinful behaviors.

So as we can clearly see, Mrs. Higgins and IFI have in no way endorsed the bullying of gays, or anyone else who is guilty of sin, yet the atheists have made false claim after false claim that she has. Let me share a few of the liars with you.

First we have Timothy Kincaid, who writes for Box Turtle Bulletin. This liar said this, in his post titled Laurie Higgins Endorses the Bullying of Gay Kids:

She is not pleased that Dr. Warren Throckmorton is suggesting that Christian kids should treat gay kids as they wish to be treated. She is angry that he wants them to stay in school on the Day of Silence. And she is particularly irate that Throckmorton opposes the abuse of gay kids.


Higgins supports discrimination, as long as it is based on “moral conviction”.


She believes that “Christians must condemn volitional homosexual conduct.” In other words, Christian kids have a moral obligation to harangue and harass gay kids and publicly condemn them.

Umm, Lie.

Higgins believes that adults - teachers and administrators - should also condemn gay kids.

Let’s be clear. Higgins does not oppose the Day of Silence because it is the wrong way to go about ending the bullying of gay kids. Rather, Higgins opposes the Day of Silence because she believes it is a Christian kid’s duty to bully his gay classmates.

Yea, all lies.  Ridiculous lies.  But do atheists who claim to care so much about the search for truth ever question these false claims by Mr. Kincaid?  Ofcourse not.  The truth only matters when it's defending evolution or wicked behavior.

The next liar is Hemant Mehta, the writer over at Friendly Atheist. This liar claimed that Mrs. Higgins tried to get him fired from his job as a high school math teacher because he has a blog about that is pro perversion, and anti-God/Bible.  This is ofcourse, a lie.  And to prove it all you need to do is read Mehta's post, which he quotes Mrs. Higgins several times, and she never says he should be fired.  And not only that, she expresses her belief that we all should have the right to say whatever we want.

Mrs. Higgins simply insisted that parents who don't agree with his views should be able to have their kids moved to a different math class if they wish.  Is that hateful?  Not at all. 

But this doesn't stop the atheists who are liars from constantly going on the offensive against Mrs. Higgins and others who are willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Here's the HardTruth.

The atheists are using lies to smear the reputation of someone who has done absolutely nothing wrong.  And while I'm bothered by the lies, I'm equally infuriated by the atheists who read this drivel and are content to let these lies stand unquestioned.  I have atheists who comment on this blog and seem to make it their life's goal to point out every supposed mistake I make, yet show zero concern when blatant, vicious lies being told by their fellow atheists.  I can't wait to see how many atheists will call me hateful for calling atheists liars even though I've offered clear proof that they are indeed lying.

One more thing; and I've asked this question many times; where are the Christians?  I know it's not normal for Christians to comment on blogs they read, but don't we think it would be worth taking a few minutes of our time to let those who are under attack know that we support them?  I believe it is worth the time, and I encourage you to show your support for any Christian who is willing to stand up and be heard, regardless of what attacks may come their way, and that's the HardTruth.

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