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Reddit Has Given Atheists a Timeout

I don't know how many of my Christian readers know about Reddit, but in case you don't, its basically an article sharing site in which people share articles and comment on them. Sometimes instead of sharing an article, someone will write a little post of there own and share it. I personally love Reddit, its by far the best sharing site that exists, because of its simple navigation, and the fact that it doesn't limit the range of topics that can be discussed.

And while I personally love Reddit, it seems it has drawn the ire of many atheists lately. This is because they no longer have the "atheism" category on it's front page. You see, Reddit has many, many categories, so rather than overwhelm new users by showing each and every one of them, Reddit only shows there most popular on their front page. This really isn't a problem for most users because you can create a screen name of your own in literally seconds, and you can personalize your own front page with the topics that you care about in about the same amount of time.  And there is also an option to create your own category if you so desire.

But getting back to the atheists, they are hopping mad at Reddit. They have been crying, "Censorship! Censorship!" ever since this decision has been made, and they are showing no signs of letting up. They are threating to leave Reddit and go eslewhere, making themselves out to be some sort of victim of "the man."

I just want to reiterate, all Reddit has done is taken the "atheism" category off the front page. Nothing has been censored in any way, shape, or form. But the outcries from embattled atheists have been going on for so long, that one of the creators of Reddit, Steve Huffman (spez) had to release a statement where he said this, among other things:

Given the nature and sometimes polarizing tone of the content on the atheism reddit, it will likely always garner the ire of many other users. Showcasing religious flame-wars only serves to lower the level of discourse on the site as a whole, and unknowingly walking into such a flame-war isn't the first-time experience we'd like new users to have here, which is why we think it best to leave things the way they are.

Atheists have a polarizing tone, and lower the level of discourse?  Really?  Mr. Huffman is wisely putting this mildly.  And even if you are uninformed about the online persona of many atheists, if you've read the comments on this blog, you know how many atheists perceive themselves; smarter than everyone else, therefore it's okay to ridicule them.  And while the atheists that come here keep a much better tone than they used to, over on Reddit this is not the case.  Most live simply to criticize those who believe in God, using whatever foul and hateful language they feel us stupid Christians deserve.

Here's the HardTruth.

I don't blame Reddit at all for the decision they have made.  Many atheists enjoy being hateful to anyone and everyone who disagrees with them, which is their choice.  But atheists need to realize that the people you're criticizing can also make a choice to ignore you, or even tell you to be quiet if they wish.  And interestingly enough, when a Christian goes into an atheist forum, and talks about the Bible more than the atheists want, they are quickly banned from making future comments, and whenever this happens, the atheists jump for joy.  So atheists, stop being hypocritical, and understand when Reddit or any other site moves you to the corner, it's only because you don't play well with others, and that's the HardTruth.

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