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My Creation Museum Experience

What a day!  I have to admit when I pulled into the parking lot I was a little intimidated when I saw the size of the mob.  As I got out of my car I couldn't help thinking about all the dirty looks I was about to get when I walked to the front of the group to greet PZ.  I kept getting more and more nervous as I was walking when out of the corner of my eye I saw PZ's ride pull in and I was like, "Yes!"  The reason for my joy was I knew I would have the opportunity to greet him in the parking lot without 200 sets of atheist eyes on me, which was great. 

So I walked over and stood back while he gathered his things and got out of the car.  Once he and his group were out I walked over and said, "Hey PZ, I'm Tom Estes, I just wanted to put a name to the face and say hello, and I hope everyone has a good time today."

PZ responded with, "Oh, we will."  He was definitely sarcastic in his tone, but I really didn't have a problem with that.  The only thing about it that was a little strange was that he didn't look me in the eye, but I didn't care, I was just glad that part was over.

I brought a young couple with me, but I didn't want anyone taking their picture so I had them go on ahead and I stayed by myself until around noon, when a preacher friend of mine joined me.  I was able to get in quickly because I had free passes, which meant I was off right when the herd came in and I got tons of weird looks.  Several tried to take pictures of me while I wasn't looking, which I tried to avoid, but I honestly don't know if I was successful.  It's worth noting that when people are looking at you, and you can tell they recognize you, but you don't know them, it is a very strange feeling.  And even more so when you know many of them hate your guts.

I sat off to the side for a while talking with Mark Looy, the Co-Founder of AiG, and the Creation Museum, and Kathy Ellis, one of the VP's.  They are sweet people who have a passion for what they do, and it was nice that they took time out of their busy day to visit with me.  Well, I thought after that conversation was over the herd would be through, but no.  The reason it took so long was because there were a couple of church groups who arrived at the same time, plus all the families that showed up all made for a pretty significant log jam.

After sitting off to the side texting and tweeting I figured I would just go ahead and jump in, and I'm glad I did because it allowed me to see and hear what the atheists were doing.  They were basically making fun of the whole thing.  They weren't real loud, but they definitely weren't respectful either.  And don't think they were making arguments as to why this or that was untrue, oh no.  They just said things like, "This is stupid, or haha, that's so bad it's funny."

I was especially intrigued by one atheist's comment.  He said, "I wish we could have a two-way radio hook-up with PZ so he could tell us what's not true."  It was all I could do to not laugh out loud.  Surely you all see the irony in the supposed "free thinkers" and "enlightened ones" needing PZ to tell them what was and wasn't true.

It's also worth pointing out that the Creation Museum was very tolerant of the atheist herd.  Not only were they mocking the entire thing, most were using foul language, and many of the t-shirts weren't in line with museum policy.  That said, I think they did the right thing by letting them go through even with the misbehavior because they needed to see science from the proper point of view.

I also just want to add that in general, I was not impressed with the atheist herd.  They seemed to be people who were atheists because they needed a group to fit into.  Most of them, not all, but most looked like mis-fits.  Of course this doesn't mean they are, but it was definitely the look they were going for.  I know it's going to bother some of you that I said that, but understand, I'm just trying to describe what I saw, and many of them just looked like people who would have a hard time fitting in with the real world.  I know many of you will say I'm judgmental, but when people dress like goths or have black hair with yellow rings, you can't tell me they don't do that to get a reaction. There is no malice meant when I say that, it's just my observation of this particular group dynamic.

Getting back to PZ, this whole thing looked like a vanity exercise.  He walked through the museum section, quietly mocked a few things, hung around, had some more photos taken, and left.  He wasn't there long enough to really see what it was all about.  I'm sure he'll say different, but this whole thing was just a photo opp, nothing more, nothing less.  If he'd really been interested in seeing all the arguments the Creation Museum makes he could have planned a quiet trip and really took his time, but that obviously wasn't his goal.

In all, I am glad I went, even though it was more uneventful, than eventful.

Here's the HardTruth.

These people simply need the Lord.  God has the ability to change their hearts, and I hope he does. 


Sorry, no pictures, I didn't want to draw any extra attention to myself.

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