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Things Change.......Again

Okay, it's time for changes.......again.  I can tell you this is the last thing I wanted to have to do, but it's becoming increasingly clear that changes have to be made.  Generally what happens here is I make a post, and atheists that frequent this site immediately attack.  These attacks are usually personal, and have no real bearing on what I just wrote, and then they declare victory.  And recently, they have begun to act like they own this site, giving links to articles and videos that have nothing to do with the content found here.

Here's the thing, the atheists that come here don't own this site, and it's time for them to understand that, so here is how things are going to work for a while.

  1. My posts will no longer be enabled to receive comments.
  2. All comments will be made in the forums.
  3. There will be two forum pages; Christians forum topics, and atheist forum topics.
  4. You will be free to comment in either forum, but if Christians want to comment on atheist topics, you must discuss the topics as framed by the atheist who started it.  And if an atheist wants to comment on a Christian forum topic, you need to understand that all comments need to be from a Christian perspective.  If an atheist wants to start a Christian topic that's fine, and vice versa, but nothing condescending, it needs to be out of genuine curiosity.
  5. As always, no foul or hateful language of any kind will be permitted.

It's honestly a shame that the conversations that happen on here always have to turn into "who can be the biggest jerk" competitions, but that is usually the case.  I know the atheists who come here aren't going to like this decision, but as I've said before, you all can always go somewhere else.  But you don't do that, I guess because you think coming here and attempting to demonize me is a valuable use of your time.

I want to give a special word of thanks to the Christians that do comment on here, and trust me I understand why most of you don't.  But thanks to Ronald Smith, Jonathon Bush, David Heddle, Bob Hutton, Jason Reinhardt, Don Austin, Preacher Troy, Shaun, Brandon, Devon, and anyone else I may be missing for commenting on this blog.  I appreciate it very much.  I also want to point out that David Heddle, Bob Hutton,  and Shaun have excellent blogs that you all should check out.

I don't know if this will be final or not, this blog has only been up for a little over three months, and I'm still working things out.  But I want to give a very sincere word of thanks to all those who take the time to read this blog.  God bless you.

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